Fairline Fencing is a part of our work as 'LDO Property Services' and below is a selection of our work in timber. 

We also work with stone, brick, paving and concrete for outdoor construction projects from conventional walls, patios and paths to ornate, curved or multi-level designs with decorative edgings and gravels.

Feather edge or 'close board' fencing is a popular style with all the supporting structure, posts and rails only visible from one side. Another advantage is that the top edge can follow the contours of the land on sloped sites unlike panels which have to be stepped. We use annular or 'ringed' nails to fix the boards. They are extremely resistant to being pushed out by warping timber. In fact they are a job to get out even with a claw hammer. In the case pictured, a 4x2 gravel board was used at the foot of the fence where it met the ground, onto a concrete block retaining wall, due to a large drop the other side.

Trellis is often used as a decorative top section of a fence. Here it was used to divide up a large garden lawn without completely obscuring the far end.

In this case, every detail of the design was discussed with the client, including their preferences for the height of the arch, type of post, trellis used and the depth of the flower beds.

The full height section to the right was to give greater privacy from the overlooking property on that side.

This terraced garden makes use of treated 6x2 retaining timbers to maintain gravel paths on a steep sloping site. There are various ways to fix them, in this case with black 'angle iron' steel which was hammered several feet into the ground. 

In other cases, we can build concrete block retaining walls with integrated steel 'rebar' and then render it to create a smart smooth paintable wall, straight or curved.

We can provide decorative gravels in a wide variety of colours and sizes, from pea shingle to plum slate.  

In addition to repair work we also supply and hang new gates from standard softwood gates to the solid oak gate fitted here. It was at a period property in Frome and the posts are solid oak too. I expect it will be there for a very long time.

With a gate this costly there is no room for error in drilling holes for the hinges and latch. The posts were set in concrete over two feet deep and we also had to cut and set the original stone slabs between the posts.

We can also supply and fit anything from a simple waist high picket gate to aluminium field gates 12' wide.

Automated gates for driveways can also provide extra security, not to mention the convenience of not having to get out of your car in the rain.

We take care to listen to you and discuss the finer details.

Let us know your special requirements.

Panels come in all sorts of designs, shapes and sizes.

We can provide standard larchlap panels, 'feather edge' panels and also some mixed fence / trellis designs as pictured here. All panels are treated.

This fence used timber posts with caps but they could also have been fitted with concrete posts which have a far longer life. If the concrete appearance is not to your taste then they can be painted brown to take on the appearance of timber posts.

LDO Property Services also carry out landscape construction work such as patios and steps. The project below featured a large paved circle pack as a patio centre-piece for a seating area. The perimeter of the patio used gravel and a brick border.

Occasionally just one or two posts need replacing as below.